Dennis Martin has recently shared some of his amazing and detailed memories of our high school days on our class Facebook page.  Those of us who are members of the group "Winter Park High School Class of 1967" on Facebook have thoroughly enjoyed his often hilarious posts!  We hope that all of you will now be able to enjoy reading them on this website.  Your own memories just might pop up to the surface as you relive some of the things Dennis describes.  PLEASE share your memories with us!  You are invited to write blog posts for this site!  Help all of us remember...before our memories go!!!
July 16, 2016

Dr. Bender?s Little Red Book

By Dennis Martin

Before high school, and before my family moved to the Winter Park area, I met daily with Dr. Bender in the summer of 1964. Each junior high school in Orange County could nominate and send two students to a summer program in which we studied at Rollins College in the morning, then walked to WPHS to study with Dr. Bender in the afternoon. That summer, I learned to love libraries, still my favorite place to be. I’d bury myself in the stacks at Rollins in the morning, and in the afternoons I learned to love science from Dr. Bender. I also met my long-term friend that summer, Jim Lenaghan.

These two loves of books and science blended together when I borrowed a book that summer from Dr. Bender’s library. I still remember vividly that the book was thin, hardback, no jacket cover, and all red. I carried it with me all summer. I recently researched the internet and found it, now for sale for $100. The title: Lysergic Acid Diethylamide and Mescaline in Experimental Psychiatry, edited by Louis Cholden, MD (1956.) This was an early scientific study of LSD-25, including articles from different perspectives -- its history, chemical synthesis, hallucinogenic experiences, possible uses, experiments, etc. One of the articles was written by Aldous Huxley.

At the tender age of 14, I found Dr. Bender’s little red book to be a peculiar juxtaposition of the spiritual and the scientific. In later years, when LSD was in the news, I was better able to appreciate the fact that rebellion, revolution, and contrarian views don’t necessarily oppose science. Both are quests for wisdom. Eventually, I concluded that the spiritual is simply the emotional, the emotional is the mental, the mental is the neural, and the neural is electrical and chemical. Dr. Bender's spirit? It only exists in our memories.


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