Dennis Martin has recently shared some of his amazing and detailed memories of our high school days on our class Facebook page.  Those of us who are members of the group "Winter Park High School Class of 1967" on Facebook have thoroughly enjoyed his often hilarious posts!  We hope that all of you will now be able to enjoy reading them on this website.  Your own memories just might pop up to the surface as you relive some of the things Dennis describes.  PLEASE share your memories with us!  You are invited to write blog posts for this site!  Help all of us remember...before our memories go!!!
July 20, 2016

Who Kissed Me?

By Dennis Martin
Bruce Winslow and I were selected to be ushers for the graduating class of 1966. The duties were easy. We were to lead the graduates into the auditorium, then stand at the end of each aisle, count 20 students per row, then step back a row and allow another 20 in the next row. Not too difficult for a future math professor. Bruce had one side of the aisle, I had the other. As with our graduation the following year, the ten/twenty(?) students with the highest GPA were first in line and sat in the front row – decked out in some extra Honor Society garb or tassels or something. The rest of the graduates were arranged alphabetically by last name. (I graduated 51st in our class of 525 students, tied with Roger Carson, so I didn’t have a front row seat in 1967. It was that damn D from Mrs. Rosenberg.)
But in 1966, students were lined up for the procession, and I was anxiously anticipating the impending start of the ceremony. Just seconds before the start, someone near the front of the line in Honor Society garb jumped out of line, ran up to me, kissed me on the cheek, said she’d always had a crush on me, then ran back in line. The ceremony began, and I had difficulty counting to 20. An older woman had a crush on me! A cougar no less. I don’t know if someone dared her to do that, or if the senior graduation drinking had already begun. But I never did find out who she was.


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